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Hello Something Underground fans and welcome to August!

We’ve got a few quick updates for you.

First off, we have a big show announcement. We will be returning to the Bluebird Theater in Denver on Sept. 4 with Rocktin Groove and Hornbuckle. Much like Joshua and Seth of Something Underground, brothers Brian and Michael Hornbuckle were born into the musical life. These amazing “Blues Brothers” are sure to rock the Bluebird stage, and Something Underground is honored to join them for what will definitely be an epic night of blues, rock, funk and more! Tickets are only $10 in advance and are on sale now. Please check out our website or Facebook page for more details on this and other upcoming shows!

It seems like Joshua and Seth just got back from Massachusetts and they are on their way back again. Their earlier trip was to support Partners for Youth with Disabilities’ annual fundraiser and now they’re heading out for the Consenses “Festival of the Senses.” Not only will the brothers be playing a couple of shows over the weekend, Something Underground also participated in a creative “telephone game” of the five senses. Given a photo, the team wrote a song based on it. The song was given to a dancer to interpret. The dance was passed onto a painter. His painting was translated into a scent by a perfumer. Finally a poet interpreted that perfume. Check out the song we wrote for the project on Reverb and Joshua’s narrative about the experience on the Consenses website.

And also on the recording front, we have great news! We’ve been recording at the Warehouse and mixing at Colorado Sound and are excited about some new projects.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have voted for Something Underground on Denver A-List. Fans have posted some great comments like: “great group of guys,” “talented and unique” and “must see live.” Thank you to everyone who’s voted and if you haven’t yet, there are still a few short days to vote.

As always, we send our gratitude to each and every one of you. If you weren’t here, we couldn’t do what we do. Thank you!

See you at the next gig!

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